PostHeaderIcon Why I don’t go to Lifestyle District in Cagayan de Oro City

This is what I heard from a group of students while dining in a restaurant last week. To be honest I have been to this place twice only. First was during it’s soft opening not so long ago ( Oh that was last year). What made it popular among students and young professional ? I guess the driving force behind lifestyle district are the diverse mix of hubs that cater’s not only to the young generation but also to the political and business world. The place hosts several establishments like restaurants, coffee and snack bars, videoke bar, gym and fitness centers, spas and beauty salons, medical clinics, hotel and an open area for acoustic music.

I have been to microphone hero and I love the place. I feel like music artist when I am singing at the place..LOL! With the state-of-the art sound system and belkin cable ties and microphones who would not love to sing their hearts out ?

So you might question why I am not a frequent visitor to the place ? Let’s talk about it on my next post. You might be an avid fan of their glass -enclosed smoking lounge or a student who is a frequent drinker of the bars or someone who publicly displays your affection to your partner ( who happens not to be your wife or girlfriend).. then you will not my post.

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