PostHeaderIcon Why buy a Gibson when you can have an Epiphone ?


My son always wanted a Gibson guitar, but with our budget, I told him to settle for an Ephiphone model instead. Gibson and Epiphone have the same owner. Gibson are made in the USA while Epiphone are made in china.¬† Here’s what we bought¬† last December.

 photo epiphone_zpsd51a0057.jpg

This guitar was made in China and is finished to perfection. The fret board is rosewood, which seems to bring out the inlays very nicely. The body material of the guitar is a solid and rather heavy block of mahogany. The top of the body is book-matched flamed maple. You can feel that the material is well constructed.

 photo epiphone3_zps9d28c18f.jpg

Wish to have an epiphone electrical guitar ? There are lots of affordable ltd p 90 models on sale online. I have just browse a guitar store awhile ago and I was amazed that the price was 30% lower than what we paid for the same unit last year.

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