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What’s your favorite headphone brand? My kids loves the skullcandy headphones not only because of their design but because of durability , comfort and the quality of its sounds. It has also trendy colors to choose . I just wonder if skullcandy have already wireless headphones available from my favorite gadget store. I love to have it as it can be taken around anywhere since a connecting cord is no longer required. I know this unit can be expensive but I love to add it to my collection of gadget. Do you want it too? Any idea where to buy wireless headphones at a cheaper price ?

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  • carolie says:

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  • Rodrigo Grippe says:

    the best thing about wireless headphones is that you can use them anywhere without the hassle of wires. ‘

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  • Saran Kalua says:

    Wireless headphones are becoming popular due to several factors. Firstly you have the freedom to move around. A cord just doesn’t let you move easily, particularly if the cable is a short one which tends to be the case – it’s never long enough! If you have got a set of wireless headphones then you can hear your music or even listen to the TV without irritating other folk. On a lighter note a benefit that is goes together with using a wireless set of headphones is that you can do all those tasks around the home while listening to your favourite music, even while vacuuming the carpets. Most top quality wireless headphone units have a 150 feet range limit. If you would like to enjoy listening to music outside that range all you need to do is move the base, bring it nearer to the area you’ll be sitting. If you want to you can even hear music while gardening or in the garage.;

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  • Gail Hopko says:

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