PostHeaderIcon Tuesday Travels : Bohol Escapade

Who doesn’t love the scenery and tourist spots in Bohol? I guess everybody does…
Below are some of the photos of our Bohol Escapade.

4 Responses to “Tuesday Travels : Bohol Escapade”

  • JennyHansson says:

    oh God…i really love to look those BOhol pictures but never been there yet.. I have a friend who’s living in Bohol. She was my office mates in Philippines before..I hope i can visit there sometimes…

  • Oh! Bohol when can I see you? My best friend from high school lives in Bohol. Tarser is just stinking cute Mommy Grace, loved that picture of you and hubby. The snake is scray :-( Dropping some love for Tuesday Travels, hope that you can return the favor too.

  • raya says:

    i love all the photos except the python!!! scary! haha.. very nice family bonding! I would love to go back to Bohol someday!

  • zoan says:

    I love BOHOL! everybody really does LOVE it:) my mom is a Boholana nd every yer we go home and visit our grandma:)

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