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I’ve been struck with a virus! It isn’t a deadly one or one that can make you sick. It’s the “RUNNING VIRUS”! LOL! Yap, for six months now, I’ve been doing regular four times a week endurance training since starting to join fun runs here in our place. A church friend invited me to join my first fun run last April this year. It was dubbed as “Freedom Run” and it struck me to my bones! Wow! I’ve run a 10K lately and after receiving and studying a runner’s magazine, I became addicted to the idea of doing my first half marathon, a 21K run this coming December.

But I must maintain discipline with regular endurance exercises which affected my feet. I’ve experience pain on my heels and considered buying best selection orthaheel shoes . I’m determined to get rid of this pain even if it will cost me quite a bit so I could best run coming December for my first half marathon.

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