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I began teaching my son Isaiah John guitar when he was 9 years old. Being a music teacher, I believe that that music can have a positive impact in many areas of my child’s life. With my two kids , I’ve observed how music improved our lives. Some of the positive results were concentration, , tenacity, and responsibility. The benefits of learning music flowed into every area in every child’s life.

My son is now 17 years old and actively involved in the music ministry of our church. He’s the lead guitarist of our church’s junior band. He aims to excel in his craft, that is why he updates himself with the latest music gadget. Recently he bought a new electric guitar and an Irig for his ipad mini . He saw the cheap maxon effects at musicians friend and wanted it too! I told him to make good with his semi-final grades ( he’s a freshman taking Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Sciences), so I can buy him the guitar pedal that he wanted.

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