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It’ amusing to see this shout on a a local facebook group. Amusing but true!

For the past weeks, the local residents of our city has been terrified with killings, hold-ups and robbery. It has taken the lives of in of innocent and decent human beings> I ahve yet to confirm with Ms. Maybelle Roa who was shot upon entering their house was the same Ms. Roa who is an employee of Caritas Health Care. I guess I should get my newly bought policy to check this out.

Lsst saturday, a junkshop was robbed with P170,000 cash in broad day light. Last week an innocent and good samaritan was shot dead while helping two students robbed in one corner in NAzareth subdivision this city. This week, two british nationals together with a Filipino were killed and their body were thrown in a cliff after being robbed with a big cash just withdrawn from a western union outlet.

Whew! What’s our government doing with this crime soaring high in our city?

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