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PostHeaderIcon Uploading images in WordPress Blog

For a month now I had a hard time uploading pictures on this site. I tried my best to minimize size of images but still it can’t go through after the images are crunch. I wanted to post pictures of the recent construction projects in CDO like the towering Limketkai Building, the Ayala Centrio Mall and Hotel and many more. I donot have problem uploading pictures from my other blogs.Can anybody help me on this?

PostHeaderIcon Why I can not upload pictures in wordpress blog?

For the past week until today, I had a hard time uploading pictures on this site. I thought it;s the internet connection via my smart bro  but now that I am here  at Sm Mall and the internet connection is super fast, I still can’t do it. There’s nothing wrong with the pictures size. I tried uploading with the smaller kb but still it’s unsuccessful. What do you think is the problem?

PostHeaderIcon Need a little help for my WordPress Sites

Navigating through wordpress is a little bit difficult for me. I am used to blogger that is why having a new WP blog site is difficult. I have a hard time arranging and adding widgets. Uploading images is difficult too. How about the plug-ins? Can you please help me install Anti-Spam here? My site was just only 3 days but I can see lots of spammer’s comment on my posts. Do you have any tutorial to recommend?

PostHeaderIcon Free WordPress Themes

My wife told me to customized my template just like her blogs. She already asked her blogger friend for a possible make-over of this site. I told her it’s just a waste of money since I want my site to be just simple.  So I browsed the internet for free wordpress template design. I found 3 travel templates but this one is my favorite. It’s simple  and unique. Can you refer me to  more free sites for wordpress templates? Please leave a comment.

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