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PostHeaderIcon Wedding Rings that will last a lifetime

My two close friends are now engaged!

The engagement was a big surprise to the lady since my friend proposed during our post-valentine concert at the church. True to it’s theme “ True love waits”, both of them waited for many years to find “ true love “. Now , me and my wife is busy helping the couple with their incoming wedding. We told them to invest more on the wedding ring , video and photo. They are the tangible things that will last for a lifetime . We hope to find a discount jewelry online site for cheaper yet stylish wedding rings. Ours was already 16 years but it didn’t lost it’s beauty and elegance.

Congratulations Genesis and Maricon!

PostHeaderIcon The edge of Titanium Jewelry

After my wife’s pricey necklace was snatched inside a public utility vehicle , she vowed never to wear gold jewelry again. Although justice was served since the perpetrators were now locked in our city jail, my wife was traumatized with that awful experience. She’s contented now with titanium jewelry. Have you heard of this kind of jewelry? It has now gain popularity in the US and other countries in the west not only because of its affordability, but most of all because of its characteristics such as lightweight, style versatility, durability, corrosion resistance, and hypoallergenic properties and so on. For this reason titanium wedding bands are in-demand . More and more couples preferred this type of material because it offers a good stage to show gemstones’ brilliance and shine.

PostHeaderIcon Invest more on Wedding Rings !

A wedding is a special event in the life of every couple and a wedding ring is an important icon of the love, commitment and loyalty to each other. For me , I considered my wedding ring as my most valuable and precious material possession. I invested much on it more than the cost of the banquet, the video, cake , give-ways and other wedding items. Our wedding rings were customized based on the intricate design the jeweler created for us. An inscription of our names and wedding date was added into the inside of the band.

For those who are still yet planning to get married. Make sure your wedding rings will last for a lifetime. It is ideal to look through a jeweler’swebsite  or brochure to get an idea of designs and prices. Look for the trusted ones like the artcarved wedding bands . They have been in the industry since 1850 , their wedding rings are designed and crafted in high quality standards and are warranted against imperfection in design, materials and workmanship . Invest more on your wedding ring more than anything else on your wedding  items.

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