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PostHeaderIcon Good news amidst super storm Pablo!

Our city today is in a survival mode. Areas nearby the river and the coastal areas were given a warning and preemptive evacuation was an important option given to all the residents in these areas. Typhoon Pablo (International name Bopha) is expected to make a landfall this afternoon (December 3) in Surigao del Sur a hundred or so kilometers from our place. Though it’s sunny here in our place, yet people are becoming cautious and getting ready or any eventualities and not caught unaware. The good news for me is that, my sister and I talked yesterday and she told me that an advance package from the U.S. will arrive this week with bvlgari perfumes , clothes, shoes and food in it. Hhhhmmmm…it’s quite a breather from the forecast today.

PostHeaderIcon Summary of Typhoons in CDO

Seldom a typhoon passes by CDO but, typhoon season summary was recorded in the years 1955,1970,1982, 1993 and the latest Sendong. Here’s a Timeline of the Flood Occurrences in Cagayan de Oro City: 1982 – Location: CDO; Causes : Heavy rain; Damages:30 dead with 38,020 families affected and 212,564 persons affected total of 14.9 million pesos damaged : 1990 – Location: CDO; Causes : Overflow of drainage ; Damages: Zero effects on casualties and population ; 1991 – Location: CDO; Causes : Heavy rain ; Damages:33,149 families 18,849 persons and estimated 10 million pesos damage and loss. 1993- Location: CDO; Causes: Heavy precipitation, buhawi; Damages: Injured 3 people and 13 people are missing, 51,925 families are affected, 222,067 persons and estimates about81.2 million pesos as with the damages and loss 1994 – Location: CDO; Causes: Heavy Rain; Damages: Death of 8 people and 3 are missing 1995 – Location : CDO; Causes: Heavy rain; Damages : 2 people dead, 672 families affected, 3,913 persons are affected and estimated 2.2 million pesos damages and loss. 1996 – Location: CDO; Causes: Heavy Rain; Damages: 3 are injured, 4 are missing 85 families and 510 persons are affected and estimated about 19.7 million pesos for the damages. 1997- Location: Tibasak and Macasandig CDO; Causes: Heavy Rains and Buhawi; Damages: 3 are dead, 94 families and 506 persons affected. 1998 – Location: Camaman-an and Pinikitan CDO; Causes: Heavy Rain and Cold Front; Damages: 5 are dead, 3 are injured, and 2,762 and 12,467 persons affected and estimated about 653 million pesos for the damages 2000 – Location:CDO; Causes: Heavy Rain; Damages: 6 are dead, 1,788 families and 8,408 persons affected and estimated 3.8 million pesos for the damages 2002- Location: Brgy agusan and Cugman; Causes: Heavy Rain and Buhawi; Damages: 4 houses were damaged near bank of Tagpuangi river 2003 – Location: Cagayan de Oro City and Misamis Oriental specifically Bitan-ag Creek; Causes: Heavy rain and clogging; Damages: Inundated roads and minor traffic jams 2004 – Location: MPSC Campus; Causes: Heavy rain and clogging; Damages: Classes were suspended, classrooms and offices were washed out causing some important documents and papers to be damaged, students were stranded, so as with the other faculties in the school, cars were trapped. 2005 – Location: MPSC Campus; Causes: Clogging and Heavy rain; Damages: Classes were suspended, offices and classrooms were washed out so as the important papers and documents, and student were stranded 2006 – Location: MPSC Campus; Causes: Clogging and Heavy rain; Damages: Classes were suspended, students were stranded, classrooms and offices were washed out including the important documents and papers 2007- Location: MPSC Campus; Causes: Clogging and Heavy Rain; Damages: Water had rise up to waist level, classes were suspended, students were stranded, classrooms and offices were washed out, causing some important documents, papers and computers to be damaged 2008- Location: Bitan-ag Creek; Causes: : Clogging and Heavy rain; Damages: Lost of lives and properties 2009 – Location: CDO; Causes: Flood water due to Heavy rain and waves; Damages: 39,000 families were displaced due to flash floods Sources: Office of Civil Defense ; Office of Civil Defense and Mines and Geosciences Bureau ; Mines and Geosciences Bureau ; State College Trailblazer ; Mindanao GoldStar Daily

PostHeaderIcon CDO is flooded again!

After Pedring and Quiel  devasted most part of Luzon, Typhon Ramon is here   visiting Mindanao and Visayas. Land fall will still be on October 12 ( tomorrow) Tomorrow but it seems it landed already due to the heavy rains last night and early y this morning. Some areas in the city were submerged up to 5 ft   like Canitoan, Bulua and Opol, Misamis Oriental.  Thank God our place which was flooded 3 years ago was spared.   I hope and pray nothing worst will happen tomorrow .

PostHeaderIcon Damage Brought by Super Typhoon Pedring ( Nesat)

Typhoon “Pedring” (international codename: Nesat)  has left  44 dead and more than P4 billion worth of damages to infrastructure and  agriculture . This is the data I’ve seen live on GMA News-TV as the   National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council met with President Benigno Aquino for an emergency meeting .A total of  44 were injured and 30 still unaccounted for while 114 have been rescued, it added.

NDRRMC reported that  Pedring affected 205,885 families  or 986,417 persons in 33 provinces in Luzon.

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