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PostHeaderIcon Remembering Sendong…

Our experience during Super Typhoon Pablo only proves that if the Emano Administration just did its job and kept the people out of harm’s way at the height of the Sendong flood, there would not have been a single casualty along Cagayan River. We just can not “call it quits” for those who have perished in that dreadful flood. The river continues to wail for justice. No one is held accountable. Illegal Mining continues unabated, and the liquefied mountains can bury whole communities worst than those in New Bataan, Compostela Valley. Let this serve as a warning.

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Registration Fee: Students: PhP 100.00; Professionals: PhP 200.00 w/ Baller. Claim Reg. Kit, pls. contact: Wilzen Poblete (088) 856-7033, 0922-221-4877.You can register at Xavier University  or at the Golden Blind Masseurs, Capistrano St. CDO or Custrich Healthcare Inc. KMV Bldg., P-Gomez cr. Rizal St., CDO

Remembering… Rebuilding… Moving on | December 16, 2012 |
Rodelsa Circle – 2.5K, 5.5K & 8.5K

PostHeaderIcon Good news amidst super storm Pablo!

Our city today is in a survival mode. Areas nearby the river and the coastal areas were given a warning and preemptive evacuation was an important option given to all the residents in these areas. Typhoon Pablo (International name Bopha) is expected to make a landfall this afternoon (December 3) in Surigao del Sur a hundred or so kilometers from our place. Though it’s sunny here in our place, yet people are becoming cautious and getting ready or any eventualities and not caught unaware. The good news for me is that, my sister and I talked yesterday and she told me that an advance package from the U.S. will arrive this week with bvlgari perfumes , clothes, shoes and food in it. Hhhhmmmm…it’s quite a breather from the forecast today.

PostHeaderIcon Be Ready for Typhoon Bopha

If you do not have cable TV, you can view realtime monitoring of Typhoon Bopha by Parasat Weather Ch. 4 on youtube.


PostHeaderIcon Deadly river banks are populated again!

I think people are forgetting things about the tragedy of Sendong. I saw in one of our face book group that Barangay Consolacion and a portion in Kala-Kala is now being repopulated. The Sendong Flash Flood that claimed Two Thousand people will celebrate it’s first year anniversary. What’s our government move on this flocking of people again to the deadly river banks?

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