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PostHeaderIcon Volunteering: A Different Perspective for Travelers

When you think of traveling the first thing that comes to my mind is fun and adventure. Sure these are the standard things to expect but if you are looking for another way to make this a rewarding experience, there’s something else that you can do. Ever thought of doing volunteer work abroad? Yes, there are a number of travel volunteers around the world that are changing lives while at the same time enjoying it. Several groups and organizations organize such trips. A little internet research could provide you with a number of options.

Most of them are geared towards humanitarian causes. This is a humbling and learning experience that could open one’s eyes to the reality of life. Volunteer work could last for months or up to a year. There are also some that involves wildlife conservation. This is a good option especially for the adventurous travelers who are looking to participate in conserving the environment. If this is something that you might want to try, it is best to know the different organizations first before signing up to become a volunteer.

The travel and volunteer cost also varies depending on the place. Accommodations are often provided by the organization along with other facilities and services related to the program. Travelers who have tried this experience could attest how life changing it is to become a volunteer. It provides a way for you to see the world on a different perspective.

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PostHeaderIcon Thursday Brownies

PostHeaderIcon Chocolate Hills, Tarsier and Pronny

Yes! This is my  3rd visit in the beautiful Island of Bohol, Visayas!   I am here     for a wedding of a close friend. The last time I was here was 3 years ago … now I  can see lots of changes with the tourist spots.  CHOCOLATE HILLS are still the same –  amazingly beautiful but some  buildings at the receiving section were added. Lighting posts were added along the 250 steps to offer an intimate view of the place during night time. The TARSIER  Sanctuary  was made even bigger. Wow! I can not wait to upload my pictures with the smallest primate in the whole world.  A bigger souvenir store was constructed at the foot of the sanctuary. PRONNY  shed  his skin when we arrived at Albuquerque. The biggest Python in captivity is now 14 years old.   It was lunch time when we arrived at Baclayon Church … so we just posed for a picture outside .  Got lots to tell on my recent visit but got to go for a practice.


PostHeaderIcon Tuesday Travel : Prawn In Indonesia

The prawns during our  Mission Trip to Bandung , Indonesia

PostHeaderIcon Time to Fly

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