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PostHeaderIcon The End of Summer Festival in London’s Southbank

Also known as the Mayor’s Thames Festival, the End of Summer Festival in London’s Southbank is one of the biggest and brightest events that are held in London each year. This vibrant festival boasts a diverse programme of theatre events, arts performances, food, music and music more. The festivities usually take place in the second week of September and last for two days.

Food lovers will want to make sure that they check out the Feast on the Bridge Event, which is one of the most popular sections of the End of Summer Festival. This event features food from all over the United Kingdom, and this is the perfect time to try delicacies from England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Live music, dancing and other types of performances are also provided to keep visitors entertained, while there are also special cooking and other food related workshops available to take part in.

Several music stages are set up at various places along the River Thames and in other parts of the Southbank district. Some of the acts that can be seen strutting their stuff on stage travel from all the way across the globe just to take part in this prestigious festival. Lovers of all types of music are sure to find something to get their toes tapping, and most of the stages feature a large dance area for people who want to get their groove on.

The festival draws to a close each year with the colourful Night Carnival. The carnival features a large parade of performers and illuminated floats, which make their way through the streets of the Southbank district before heading to the north bank of the River Thames. Each year’s procession is larger and more vibrant than the last, as party people spend several months working on their costumes and the large floats.

This festival attracts art and music lovers from all over the United Kingdom and beyond, and anyone wishing to witness the fun and festivities of the End of Summer Festival will want to make sure that they secure they accommodation far in advance. Luckily, there are plenty of excellent hotels near Waterloo to choose from, and people who book now should be able to snap up a great deal.

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