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PostHeaderIcon Bohol Island’s Man-made Forest

PostHeaderIcon I wanna go to Singapore again

Awhile ago, I watched a 30-minute episode of Living Asia on Cable TV featuting Singapore . I can not help but be enthralled and excited to go back to SG again and experience the rides I missed when we were there two years ago. We were with some friends and as expected, some had their own preferences . At the end I was not able to maximized my time.

On our next travel, we must book a one week round trip ticket. Three days is not enough. I want to spend a day at Universal Studios, another day at Sentosa Island, marina bay sands and another at Orchard Road,Night Safari and Jurong Bird Park.

Whew! So what will happen to our cross country trip to Kualalumpur? I guess I have to start planning our trip now.

PostHeaderIcon Boracay Fun Activities ( with rates )

Boracay is the best place to do a lot of fun activities. This is the reason why we are going back next week  for a 6-day escapades with  our kids and close friends.

Here are the rates  I was able to gather .
(rates can change without prior notice)



Banana Boat 15 minutes Minimum of 5 250/pax
Paraw Sunset Sailing 60 minutes Minimum of 4 250/pax
Helmet Dive (free CD) 30 minutes Minimum of 3 600/pax
Fly Fish 15 minutes Minimum of 3 600/pax
ATV (solo ride)

BUGCAR (2pax together)

Entrance Fee in   OCEAN TOWER

Entrance Fee in Everland Aviary Park

60 minutes Minimum of 4

(for free pick up)





Island Tour  with snorkeling mask – will go with other guests at 10am and will go back around 4pm 5-6 HOURS No minimum 700/pax

with food and drinks already

Parachute Sailing 15 minutes Minimum of 2 1700/pax
Jet Ski 30 minutes Good for 2 2500
Speed boat 60 minutes Good for 5 3500
ARIEL’S POINT (cliff diving and relaxation area) will go with other guests at 11am and will go back around 4pm 5-6 HOURS No minimum 1500/pax with food and drinks already

PostHeaderIcon Scenic Sunday

At Sentosa , Singapore lat July 2011
Entry for Scenic Sunday

PostHeaderIcon P88 Seat Sale to Celebrate the Chinese New Year

Click the image for the Cebu Pacific Website. Hurry! Grab seats now. I’ve just booked a Valentine Get-away with my wife.

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