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PostHeaderIcon No More Traffic Jam

The flyover at Junction Macahan, Zayas and Masterson’s avenue will be completed soon . It’s projected to be opened to the public and motorist on the 15th of this month. This would greatly help eased the traffic of commuters going to uptown ( Airport and SM), to Balulang and to Zayas Road. For the past 3 months, we have been struggling passing through the diversion roads. Thanks to the City Government led by Mayor Vicente Emano for the P119 million Balulang-Carmen Flyover Project.

PostHeaderIcon Heavy Traffic due to Road Construction in CDO

How I wish the City Government started the construction of 3 fly-overs here in our city last summer when classes has not started yet. Now, commuters are struggling over heavy traffic and rerouting schedules which are confusing and always in changing. Our City Fiesta this August 28 would surely add up to the heavy stream on the road. If only they have started earlier, the projects would be completed before the City’s big event.

My wife, who is a Civil Engineer by profession is sure that the time duration of the construction will go beyond 2 months due to heavy rains and other unforseen factors.

PostHeaderIcon Road Traffic anf Blog Traffic

Their are 3 on-going fly-over road construction in our city which brought heavy traffic  .One is located right at the center of  the juncture to our subdivision.   We had to divert our route just to get-away from the bumper-to-bumper  scenario whereby increasing our fuel consumption by 100%.  Whew! How I wish my sites register the same traffic! Then I could have a Page Rank as high as 6!

Calling the Road and Traffic Personnel… will you please add more traffic enforcers to these sites?

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