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PostHeaderIcon Earth Destroyer


Philippine Air Force choppers sent to investigate illegal mining operations spot this barge tearing away the banks of Iponan River in Cagayan de Oro City on Sept. 21, 2012. MindaNews photo by Froilan Gallardo

PostHeaderIcon On Chief Justice Corona’s Trial

Let Justice be served… save the Chief Justice. Let the Checks and Balance under the constitution remain by letting Corona remain in office. People of the Philippines, if you ever be so brave to make a change, now is the time to rise against the powers that has deceive us for a very long time, the powers of the Cojuangcos and Aquinos.

PostHeaderIcon Be watchful of political wannah-be of CDO

The future economic outlook of Cagayan de Oro |City will be brighter enough…. yet, it’s fate should not be assumed to be out-of-luck. Our next political leaders should be qualified and sincere enough to tackle the complicated issues on socio-politics and economics. The city’s national and international role and of our global position. Our leaders’ ability to attract investments into our city is the utmost challenge. As early as now, we should be keen and watchful on every move of our wannah-be leaders.

PostHeaderIcon People’s Sentiment

In his speech for the Ateneo de Manila Law School graduation on Apri 15, 2012, former Xavier University ( Ateneo ce Cagayan) President Fr. Jett Villarin, S.J. said: “Filipinos ,aside from our musicality and faith, have hearts that are good and noble and minds that are witty and sharp. We do well outside our achipelago. We remain beggars here because we have not done much to change the systemic ambiance that keeps us divided and poor. We are poor because we have been led poorly and we have allowed ourselves to be led poorly.

What a clear statement of the real issue of our country. I guess we no longer need a translator or an educator to explain further what he meant. It’s time now to act and let the leadership of our country know our sentiment.

PostHeaderIcon Electric Power Industry Reform Act (EPIRA)

This is a campaign to repeal Republic Act no. 9136 or the Electric Power Industry Reform Act (EPIRA) of 2001.

1. Privatization has never been the correct and sustainable solution to the lack of investments in the power sector.

2. Market competition won’t bring consumer power prices down as market forces won’t be accountable to the public.

3. Electrification is an essential public service that should be provided for by the state.

Please support us in protesting against the privatization of Mindanao’s crown jewels, the AGUS-PULANGUI Hydroelectric Power Plants!

The government intentionally suppressed the budget for the rehabilitation of these power plants, placing them in a very bad condition. With this, they can easily sell the power plants to power private corporations with government backing. The sale is strongly proposed by Sen. Sergio Osmeña III who has strong ties with large corporations such as Aboitiz’s, Lopezes whoever may buy it. Either way Sen. Osmeña will make him rich along with the other government agencies he conspired with.

We need your help to support us in our struggle against these oppressors and opportunists.

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