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PostHeaderIcon Janet Napoles finally surrendered !

The most wanted woman in the Philippines Janet Lim-Napoles, the alleged brain behind the multi-Billion pork barrel scam, is now in government custody after almost three months of hiding. Three days ago, the President of the Philippines, Pres. Noynoy Aquino announced a P10 million price for whoever can give vital information on the whereabouts of Napoles. This maybe one of the reason which prompted her to surrender to no less than the President of the Philippines. According to another news, this act of surrender is the second from the 1948 when Encollado, a “bandit,” surrendered to Tayabas Gov Maximo Rodriguez; the next day, he was brought to Malacañang to meet with then President Manuel L. Quezon, who gave him parole “under the condition that he secure the surrender of his sons and other followers.”

The government’s Official Gazette said Napoles surrendered to President Benigno Aquino III at 9:37 pm.

PostHeaderIcon Pre-mature opening of Laguindingan Airport ?

Would it be wise to open the new Laguindingan International Airport to the public on June 15 this year?
I quote “The Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) today announced that it has decided to push back the transfer of the gateway to Northern Mindanao from the old Lumbia Airport in Cagayan de Oro City to the new P 7.8-billion Laguindingan Airport by one-and-a-half months to June 15, 2013, in order to avoid disrupting passengers’ travel plans over the summer.” – Official Gazette

What about the air navigation equipment which will be fully place not until May 2014? Will it affect the safety of the general public? Today, June 11 is the inauguration of the billion peso international airport and even the president of the Philippines graced the occasion. But would June 15 be the “right” time to open it to the public? Hhhhmmm…

PostHeaderIcon Asdang Cagayan de Oro!

The stewardship of the rebuilding of Cagayan de Oro cannot be placed in the same hands of those men and women, whether as elected public servants, favored big or small businessmen or private citizens who have contributed, profited and/or conspired by direct or indirect participation to the almost destruction of our social, economic and political values, UNLESS they come clean and break the chains they have made for themselves. The walls of Jericho fell by simple obedience. Answer the call and choose well. Asdang Cagayan de Oro!

PostHeaderIcon ELECTION 2013 : Survey for period cover Feb. 16-28,2013

1. Peace & Order: rising crime rate – 76%
2. Environment: illegal mining – 71%
3. Graft & Corruption: unliquidated cash advances – 68%
4. Health: city hospital condition – 66%
5. City Planning: public market vendors particularly at carmen – 66%

MAYOR (district 1)
Moreno, Oca – 47%
Emano, Dongkoy – 36%
Francisco, Elmer – 15%
Undecided – 2%

MAYOR (district 2)
Emano, Dongkoy – 42%
Moreno, Oca – 41%
Francisco, Elmer – 14%
Undecided – 3%

VICE-MAYOR (district 1)
Cabanlas, Edgar – 52%
Acenas, Ian – 41%
Undecided – 7%

VICE-MAYOR (district 2)
Cabanlas, Edgar – 48%
Acenas, Ian – 43%
Undecided – 9%

Uy, Klarex – 43%
Calingin, Alvin – 19%
Jaraula, Tinnex – 18%
Benaldo, Benjo – 16%
Undecided – 4%

Rodriguez, Rufus – 58%
Nacaya, Ian Mark – 37%
Undecided – 5%

1. Ocon, Zaldy – 61%
2. Abaday, Roger – 60%
3. Darimbang, Candy – 60%
4. Daba, Annie – 56%
5. Bacal, Alden – 55%
6. Uy, Egay – 54%
7. Mora, Tito – 52%
8. Dela Rosa, Elmer – 50%
9. Daba, Boboy – 48%
10. Enteria, Maia – 47%
11. Abbu, Pepe – 45%
12. Pajo, Dante – 43%

1. Lao, Bong – 60%
2. Emano, Nadya – 58%
3. Sia, Juan – 56%
4. Baban, Nixon – 54%
5. Dacer, Alex – 53%
6. Tabor, Monching – 53%
7. Villazorda, Roger – 48%
8. Salcedo, Eric – 46%
9. Elipe, Prexy – 42%
10. Salvana, Edsel – 41%
11. Agudo, Ingrid – 40%
12. Roa, Ching – 40%

From Bangong Kagay-an FB Group
Figures rounded-off
Sampling Strength: 500 respondents (250/district)
Methodology Used: face-to-face interview
Margin of Error: (+ -)6%
Next Survey Period: March 1-16, 2013

PostHeaderIcon Deadly river banks are populated again!

I think people are forgetting things about the tragedy of Sendong. I saw in one of our face book group that Barangay Consolacion and a portion in Kala-Kala is now being repopulated. The Sendong Flash Flood that claimed Two Thousand people will celebrate it’s first year anniversary. What’s our government move on this flocking of people again to the deadly river banks?

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