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PostHeaderIcon Our Dog is Missing

For a week, we have been looking for ” BUBBLES” our dog. Our neighbor told us that she survived the flood and saw her returning to our house when the flood subsided. We looked around four subdivisions in  our place but we didn’t find her. I hope somebody got her  and alive somewhere in Cagayan de Oro City. She has been with us for 4 years now.. we missed her so much.

PostHeaderIcon Bubbles

We fondly call her “Bubbles”. She’s our cute white haired dog that survived the test of time…We have had many puppies before but all of them died and we could not just understand why. We already spend thousands for the medicines and food but to no avail… they all did not survived.  Bubbles is now 3 years old and she had given birth to 4 puppies which were all given to our dear church friends. Lately, she had mange on feet that we brought her to a vet for early treatment. We love our faithful friend and we want to give her the best of care. Now she’s alright.. thanks to  the vet!

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