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PostHeaderIcon Trombone gig bag as a Christmas gift

A trombone gig bag at m123 would be the perfect gift for my nephew. He plays the trombone, saxophone and flute. My sister’s children are really musically inclined. Her daughter plays the piano and sings very well. Our children too are gifted with musical abilities. Our son plays well with the lead guitar and our daughter sings well and dances in the church. I play the piano and the keyboards too! LOL! We inherited this musical endowment from our mom. Early at age, she really encouraged us to learn piano and guitar and our mom was also a music teacher. We’re so proud of our children especially that we are seeing them serving their respective ministry in the church.

PostHeaderIcon Great Takamine G – Series

The great takamine g series at musicians friend would perfectly fit the worship band in our church, especially that we have just launched our youth church. Acoustic guitars give soothing sounds during worship time. The young people will also appreciate the importance of this musical piece when mixed with the crunching effect of an electric guitar, the keyboards, the electric rhythm guitar as well as the drums. This is one musical gadget that I am planning to purchase before the year ends. I wish I could find the same model and price from our local music store here or else I would be compelled to let my sister living in California to buy the gadget for me.

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