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PostHeaderIcon Big savings with used musical instrument and accessories

If you are thinking of buying a piano, guitar, bass, violin or some other instrument, you might consider buying a used musical instrument. Of course there are advantages and disadvantages of buying a used musical instrument . The major advantage, of course, is money savings. If you are patient enough and do a little research and ask lots of questions and read reviews, you can find a quality instrument at a very low price.

Personally, I have bought a lot of used musical instrument and accessories and until now they are still working. My latest purchased was a GIBSON electric guitar and a auralex bass trap. The guitar was from my brother-in-law’s friend who worked as a musician from Japan . Amazingly, I saved 70% off from a brand new unit. The bass trap was from a garage sale which I believe the seller does not know anything about the bass trap. He sold same as the price of a foot rug.

PostHeaderIcon Trombone gig bag as a Christmas gift

A trombone gig bag at m123 would be the perfect gift for my nephew. He plays the trombone, saxophone and flute. My sister’s children are really musically inclined. Her daughter plays the piano and sings very well. Our children too are gifted with musical abilities. Our son plays well with the lead guitar and our daughter sings well and dances in the church. I play the piano and the keyboards too! LOL! We inherited this musical endowment from our mom. Early at age, she really encouraged us to learn piano and guitar and our mom was also a music teacher. We’re so proud of our children especially that we are seeing them serving their respective ministry in the church.

PostHeaderIcon Learning the skills of Guitar Playing

Parents are without a doubt the greatest teachers of all. Even teachers accept the fact that without parents even their best efforts have very little impact. This is what happened to my son who chose guitar as an elective subject in their school. The two-hour a week session with his teacher is not enough, so , so I came to the rescue and taught him the basic and the skills of playing guitar. Amazing! After two weeks, he can play any song he wants.

He’s constantly upgrading his knowledge and is trying to learn bass guitar with fender squier standard jazz bass music123 . Below is one of the school program where he had a chance to show his talent.

IJ during their Student Body Organization Election

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