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PostHeaderIcon Church Anniversary Celebration

 photo tarp_zps864bedfd.jpg

Our church  28th  Thanksgiving  Anniversary  was celebrated with a bang. Brethren from different places came to join the worship celebration. Even from those far flung areas attended the joyous occasion.  Our worship team led us  in a grand Praise and Worship that express our gratitude  to our Almighty God. The  creative arts ministry dance presentation  of the song Yahweh was so beautiful. . We even launch our church website, which is one of the highlights of the  program. The speaker of the event cam all the way from Canada and shared to us  the importance of being  in line with  God’s leading to  preach the good news. It’s so nice to know  that  God’s faithfulness in our lives can always be celebrated not only in special occasions  but everyday. We are looking forward to our 30th year anniversary Two years from now. Great is Thy Faitfulness Oh Lord!

PostHeaderIcon Why buy a Gibson when you can have an Epiphone ?


My son always wanted a Gibson guitar, but with our budget, I told him to settle for an Ephiphone model instead. Gibson and Epiphone have the same owner. Gibson are made in the USA while Epiphone are made in china.  Here’s what we bought  last December.

 photo epiphone_zpsd51a0057.jpg

This guitar was made in China and is finished to perfection. The fret board is rosewood, which seems to bring out the inlays very nicely. The body material of the guitar is a solid and rather heavy block of mahogany. The top of the body is book-matched flamed maple. You can feel that the material is well constructed.

 photo epiphone3_zps9d28c18f.jpg

Wish to have an epiphone electrical guitar ? There are lots of affordable ltd p 90 models on sale online. I have just browse a guitar store awhile ago and I was amazed that the price was 30% lower than what we paid for the same unit last year.

PostHeaderIcon Upgrading our musical instrument

Weniel, my son’s band mate plays the rhythm guitar for the Youth church. He plays well with much gusto and is a humble learner of his craft. You could just hear him strumming his old guitar and singing every time he has a free time. I believe an epiphone dr-100 acoustic guitar would best suit his taste as a musician.

By next year, we would be upgrading the church’s musical instruments and a brand new acoustic guitar would be part of the list. I know that the Worship Band members will really be excited about this. Well guys, just wait patiently and don’t lose heart… the best is yet to come!

PostHeaderIcon An acoustic guitar for Dale..

Our eyes beamed upon seeing epiphone acoustic guitars which our daughter wants as her graduation gift. Wow! It’s handcrafted to perfection! Our daughter loved to play the guitar and she would spend hours practicing. There’s just no stopping her as soon as she holds the guitar, it’s as if she’ll be transported to another time and place…LOL! I admire here resilience and determination to really master guitar playing.

We already have brought her a black acoustic guitar and she really beamed with pride and joy seeing her personal guitar in her room. Every time we arrive home, she then proceeds to play her guitar and sing songs to our delight. Go, go, go dearest daughter of ours. Who might know if someday she’ll end up a recording artist?

PostHeaderIcon Guitar : Perfect gift for my son

My son called me with excitement in his voice. He just happened to visit a Music store with his classmates. He told me to accompany him to see the musical instruments at guitar center where he asked the salesman if he could try a Gibson lead guitar. My son loves to play the guitar and he is a member of our church’s junior worship band playing the lead guitar. I promised to buy him a branded guitar if he will practice with diligence his guitar lessons and I think this would be the time to do it. My son deserves the best gift and I intend to give it to him on his 17th birthday.

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