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PostHeaderIcon Have you been to CDO SM Down Premier ? 

Cagayan de Oro, the gateway to Northern Mindanao and known as the City of Golden Friendship is one of the most competitive city in the country. Last May 12, SM CDO Downtown Premier opened its doors to the public , the 61st mall in the Philippines, the sixth in Mindanao, and the second in Cagayan de Oro.

Located at the busy intersection of Claro M. Recto Avenue and Osmena Street, the five-level, will serve shoppers in Cagayan de Oro, nearby cities and provinces in the Northern Mindanao area.

The mall will also have hundreds of stores – fashion boutiques, shoe stores, home stores, novelty stores, and more, including a Cyberzone for the tech generation, a Wellness Center and 4 state of the art cinemas.

​We brisked the crowd during the opening. My wife went to her favorite fashion stores while I spent my one hour inside a music store. I was expecting to see Guitar Center, ibanez bass and other gadgets I could only see online but they are yet to be ordered. Anyway, i just enjoyed the rest of the time hopping from sports stores to music store. We ended up eating in a very crowded fast food . My advise? Wait for a month before going inside the mall, its not yet fully occupied. You might be too excited and your expextations might fail.

PostHeaderIcon The Marinela Neri Velez String Program


Does your child have a real passion for music? If so, you may want to look into getting him or her into a youth orchestra. This would allow them to perform in front of a large audience.In recent years in UK and USA, demand for youth orchestras has increased. Some families even have to move closer to a City with a a youth orchestra, so their child can take part on it.

I am glad that in our city ( Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines ) , Lourdes  College  now offers music courses .  There no need to go  to the National Capital Region to study and  earn  Bachelor’s Degree in Music. The course provide opportunities for learning the theory and technique of creating and appreciating music, broadening musical taste and experience, and developing skills and criteria needed to evaluate music and musical performance. The department shares in Lourdes’ mission to offer artistic enrichment for the student as a whole and unique person.

Last December 24,on Christmas eve, me and my family got the chance to hear the beautiful rendition of Christmas songs through the Lourdes College Marinela Neri Velez String Orchestra of which a daughter of a friend plays the Cielo. It was held at  a lobby for a 5-star hotel in the City. It was a short play but it made our day!


With Ms. Myles Maandig, BS in Music, Lourdes College


I would love to see a  full orchestra  concert someday. I love music, I play various instruments like piano, guitar and drums. For a change, I wish to learn how to play trumpet this 2016. I hope to see a good instrument from am online trumpet store . At my age , is it too late learn another musical instrument ?

PostHeaderIcon Looking for guitar amplifier

I’m thinking of buying my son a randall amps for his personal use. He’s now playing the lead guitars with the Youth worship band in our church and he told that he really wants to focus on practicing and mastering his skill in guitar playing. We bought him a guitar amp once but it was completely destroyed when our place was hit by a destructive flood a year ago.

We are looking for music stores that offers good value to our money and if they can offer us a big discount on amplifiers and guitars too. Our son would surely be happy for this.

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