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PostHeaderIcon Higalaay Kagay-an Festival various free entertainment activities

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The city fiesta is here and I am sure the kagay-anons are now ready to be blown away by the variety of food prepared in each home’s table. Filipino dish that remain all-time favorites are Pochero, Caldereta and Lechon. Once you’ve taken your taste buds with this flavorful food, I’m sure you cannot stop wanting for more!

Another thing that everyone is expecting during the city fiesta are the various free entertainment . I am sure some famous celebrities will be having mall tours . There will be lots of concerts here and there from various music band. Talking about music , reminds me with our on-going brainstorming for our coming youth church mini-concert. I hope our we can have a final concept for this highly anticipated activity.

PostHeaderIcon Kagay-an Festival Fun Run 2013

I’ve been joining FUN RUNS in the city for more than a year already  and I find it enjoyable and very beneficial to my health.  The kagay-an Festival is one event that I looked forward  not only because  it’s one of the biggest fun run in the city but because  of its trendy  jersey.  Below is this year’s jersey I snapped at Centrio Ayala Mall. I am so sad  that I can not join the event. I wanted to but I can’t ( I’ll make a separate post why…No! It’s not about the recent bombing in our city… it’s a long story…  )

fun run3fun run

PostHeaderIcon Launching of Kagay-an Festival

Two months from now will be Kagay-an Festival.Last week the Promote CDO Foundation, Inc. launched and announced the highlights of the big event. It will be a week long festival which will start on August 21 and will end up to to the feast day of St. Augustine on the 28th..

Promote CDO Foundation aimed to promote Cagayan de Oro City and the surrounding areas globally not only as an Business center but also a tourist destination. Details of the event will be posted soon.

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