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PostHeaderIcon Why buy a Gibson when you can have an Epiphone ?


My son always wanted a Gibson guitar, but with our budget, I told him to settle for an Ephiphone model instead. Gibson and Epiphone have the same owner. Gibson are made in the USA while Epiphone are made in china.  Here’s what we bought  last December.

 photo epiphone_zpsd51a0057.jpg

This guitar was made in China and is finished to perfection. The fret board is rosewood, which seems to bring out the inlays very nicely. The body material of the guitar is a solid and rather heavy block of mahogany. The top of the body is book-matched flamed maple. You can feel that the material is well constructed.

 photo epiphone3_zps9d28c18f.jpg

Wish to have an epiphone electrical guitar ? There are lots of affordable ltd p 90 models on sale online. I have just browse a guitar store awhile ago and I was amazed that the price was 30% lower than what we paid for the same unit last year.

PostHeaderIcon Amplifiers :Tube, Solid State, Digital and Hybrid

My son just invested in a state-of-the-art guitar last year our from his college scholarship financial assistance. Next month he is planning to buy a guitar amplifier. I good guitar is no use without a good amp, thus I am encouraging him to save more from his allowance and buy an amp the soonest time possible.
There are four types of amplifiers: tube, solid state, digital, and hybrid. The last two are certainly more high-tech and more expensive but I believe my son needs a tube or solid state as a beginner. Each type has its own advantages, and it all boils down to our budget and preference. So we choose the jtm 45 reissue at guitar center . It is power-saving and sounds much louder than solid-state and digital model at the same wattage.

PostHeaderIcon Isuzu Sportivo For Sale

 photo sportivo2_zpsa048752d.jpg

We are planning to let go of our newly acquired Isuzu Crosswind Sportivo and settle for a car. We decided to invest for a business this year. We realized we don’t need an SUV considering that we are just four in the family. We need a financial breakthrough this 2014 and selling our Sportivo is a better option that getting a loan with a high interest. For the price and specs. Browse at

PostHeaderIcon Start the year with a new car

In addition to shedding the excess pounds , replacing old household appliances or getting rid of unwanted clothes, many decide to start the New Year by buying a new car. Proof to this are the inquiries from people who wanted to buy our Crosswind Sportivo. Out of fun, I posted our newly bought SUV in one of the famous online used car dealership and after 4 hours, I started to receive inquiries through text messages.

I already deleted my entry from the site. I’ve learned that the re-sale value of our ride is still high and that more and more people wanted to have a new ride for the new year. Maybe after a year or two, I would post again our SUV on the site. In the meantime, I will just accessorize it with a GPS, a new DVD player and hand wheels. From, I saw trendy handwheels at discounted prices. Surely, these dished hand wheels would add attraction to the buyers someday.

PostHeaderIcon Buying gold coins online

Our friend’s offer for us to buy gold coins online is something new for us. My sister who works and lives in California heard of this and is planning to invest on it. It’s a tempting offer but set aside the idea of getting involved in this business scheme for several good reasons. One of these is that we have not yet enough money to invest, we still have to prioritize on our needs, we started investing on our farm and maybe in the future we can consider this idea.

Maybe my mom and some of my friends would like to give it a shot. It takes someone with enough knowledge on this kind of business to get involve with it. Though it is risky considering that there are lots of scam sites online but if you can buy it from a reputable site, you can get a genuine gold coins at a cheaper price.

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