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PostHeaderIcon I am for Cyber Crime Law? Who’s not?

Let us be fair to Sen. Tito Sotto,… he may be the one who proposed the libel provision in the Cybercrime Law which made frenzy in the internet but let us be reminded that his proposal was approved by Bicameral Conference committee, and was duly approved by the President of the Philippines..Let us give it a chance as it was a product of our legislative process. If we have nothing libelous in our sites… why be afraid? Let us look at the positive side of the law… some people are just sensationalizing it.

PostHeaderIcon June 30 is Social Media Day


Cagayan de Oro Bloggers are thrilled to participate in Mashable’s third annual Social Media Day! Mashable launched the event in2 years ago  as a way to recognize the digital revolution happening right before our eyes. On June 30th, for the third time, Social Media Day will be celebrated globally and guess what?  Cagayan de Oro City will take part in the celebration for the 1st time!

So if you have twitter account, facebook, blogger,wordpress or any other social media account then see you 7 pm at  BFB ( Big Flat Bread), Limketkai Center.

So what is  Social Media Day?

Social Media Day is an annual international event on June 30 that recognizes the digital revolution happening around the world. This is a global celebration of the technological advancements that have given rise to the connected generation.


PostHeaderIcon Uploading images in WordPress Blog

For a month now I had a hard time uploading pictures on this site. I tried my best to minimize size of images but still it can’t go through after the images are crunch. I wanted to post pictures of the recent construction projects in CDO like the towering Limketkai Building, the Ayala Centrio Mall and Hotel and many more. I donot have problem uploading pictures from my other blogs.Can anybody help me on this?

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