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PostHeaderIcon Xavier Estate ang Manteo Real Estate

Last Thursday, we were with some friends to visit a new constructed housing project in a posh subdivision here in our place. We really desired to transfer to a new residence we can call our own after staying for 6 months in our ancestral home. I and my wife decided to buy a new unit that’s located overlooking mountain fresh scenery. My sister recommended a waterfront location just like what the manteo real estate is offering and it’s a very good idea too. Whichever is affordable and practical for us, and then we would gladly buy it and go for the realization of our dream.

PostHeaderIcon 1000 volunteers need by Habitat for Humanity

To tall Kagay-Anons!

The Habitat for Humanity is in need of 1,000 volunteers for May 12, 2012 Asia Pacific build. The Volunteers will receive free kits and free Tshirts. By joining , you will not only contributed to a noble but gain more friends.

Pls. leave a comment with your contact number  and I will contact you. See you there!


“Research has shown that people who VOLUNTEER often live longer.” -Allen Klein

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