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PostHeaderIcon New Home after Sendong

They have no choice but to go back home. Four months after the flash flood that struck our city, the residents in our subdivision went back home already. My wife wanted us to do the same but I felt it’s not yet time… maybe after a year or two…

Now we are comfortably sheltered in the second floor of my mom’s house. We started from scratch.. bought everything needed like furniture, kitchen utensils mirrors and bedding.

Thank you so much Mom!

PostHeaderIcon Accommodation in Philippines

Everyone needs a place to stay. Sometimes it’s hard to find for a place to stay especially when we move out from our family house to work outstation. It can be quite troublesome to work outstation because we need to find for another place to stay. College students and working adults normally move to better locations for study and work and most of the time, they have to find for a place to stay. The same thing happened to me when I first moved into college away from home. I needed a place to stay which is near to my college so that I won’t face any transportation problem. The bad thing about my college is that, they do not provide accommodations such as hostel.

Hence, every student has to find their own place to stay. While preparing to move to college, my friends and I were looking for a place to stay. We asked around if there are any rooms available but it was hard to find as we do not have much contacts of people staying around our college. I later found out that we could easily find a room from Manila sublets . It is very easy because we can narrow down the search to the location that we are looking. Besides that, the details of the house owners are all there and it is really easy to contact them to arrange for an appointment or to discuss the details. We must be careful when finding for a room because we will be staying there for the next few years throughout our college life and it is necessary to find a place which will make us feel comfortable. That website also allows us to browse through the room conditions by looking at the pictures posted by the house owners. It was really inconvenient and it took us no time to find ourselves a suitable room.

PostHeaderIcon Conference for all Master Plumber in the Philippines

FELLOW ENGINEERS AND MASTER PLUMBERS HERE: We cordially invite you to our incoming 1st Luzon Conference for all Master Plumber in the Philippines at The Lake Hotel Tagaytay, Tagaytay City this coming May 18-19, 2012. ASPIRING ENGINEERS WHO WANT TO BECAME A REGISTERED MASTER PLUMBER AND SOON TO BE PLUMBING ENGINEERS IN NEAR FUTURE ARE INVITED TO ATTEND

PostHeaderIcon City Real Estate

Our city known for its friendliness and hospitality was christened “The City of Friendship” in Northern Mindanao, Philippines. Not only that, our city was also called “The city in boom, bloom and blossom” for gaining the record as the fastest growing economic development in the whole island. Favorable weather the whole year through and the peace and order are major factors why many investors flocked our city. Many structures are sprouting like Hotels, Malls, and Department stores in strategic areas around the city. And with that, several housing developers are competing for land and housing development. Real estate is also at its peak. From the class A subdivisions, condominiums to low cost housing, our city is just one growing and blooming place.

I told my sister who’s working in the U.S. today with what is happening here in our place and she was excited. She decided to invest in Real Estate and buy a lot for herself. She told me that she once considered having an interest in Kansas City Real Estate when a friend invited her to go for house hunting in that place. She really liked the idea and admired many house models she saw. I also encourage her to invest in her native land and that’s why she decided to buy a 2-hectare piece of land for herself. Real estate plays a major role as people from different walks of life begin to migrate here in our city. A considerable increase of visitors, tourists and migrants are flocking our place every year. Many of them decided to stay and be permanent residents here too. Not only that, our city is also known as the “Capital Adventure” of the Philippines.

( I am participating in a blogger campaign by Bucks2Blog in behalf of a missouri real estate company and was compensated. However, the views and   opinions are my own.)

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