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PostHeaderIcon June 15,2011 – CDO’s Charter Day

My friends  have been  asking me if  our dear President Noynoy Aquino moved the   June 12 Holiday to June 13 ( Why are they asking me? Am I close to P-noy? Lol!).  Although I was still not able to search online on the status, I was sure it can no be moved to June 13. I remember a news report from Malacanang that not all Holidays can be moved before or after the exact date of celebration because there are celebrations which meant to stay on the exact day. And that includes June 12 … I believed it will lost its relevance if it will be moved.

All KAgay-anons will still be happy since  July 15 is the City’s Charter Day.. so that means we have a day to relax and rest.

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