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My son just invested in a state-of-the-art guitar last year our from his college scholarship financial assistance. Next month he is planning to buy a guitar amplifier. I good guitar is no use without a good amp, thus I am encouraging him to save more from his allowance and buy an amp the soonest time possible.
There are four types of amplifiers: tube, solid state, digital, and hybrid. The last two are certainly more high-tech and more expensive but I believe my son needs a tube or solid state as a beginner. Each type has its own advantages, and it all boils down to our budget and preference. So we choose the jtm 45 reissue at guitar center . It is power-saving and sounds much louder than solid-state and digital model at the same wattage.

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I’m thinking of buying my son a randall amps for his personal use. He’s now playing the lead guitars with the Youth worship band in our church and he told that he really wants to focus on practicing and mastering his skill in guitar playing. We bought him a guitar amp once but it was completely destroyed when our place was hit by a destructive flood a year ago.

We are looking for music stores that offers good value to our money and if they can offer us a big discount on amplifiers and guitars too. Our son would surely be happy for this.

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