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PostHeaderIcon Governor Oscar Moreno and his advocacy for good governance

h) VAGRANCY and DRINKING IN THE STREETS – As in Rodelsa Circle – a big No. Drinking of liquor should be in the proper places;

i) EDUCATION – CDO should have a CITY UNIVERSITY of its own, just like Makati, Pasig, Mandaluyong and elsewhere. This can be done.;

j) HEALTH – Misamis Oriental has 7 (8??? limot ko) district hospital and one state of the art Medical Center. The least CDO should have is a tertiary hosp. in (Borja Mem. Hosp). CDO should have a state of the art CITY MEDICAL CENTER of its own. It can be done.

k) OTHER CONCERNS: a) Invite local talents abroad and elsewhere to come back to CDO to use their God-given skills, talents and knowledge to rebuild CDO; b) The governor upholds the democratic processes. Even the Provincial Board of Mis. Or. is not dominated by his partymates; c) Land grabbing and squatting should be addressed through legal remedies and due process, and never by resorting to extra-judicial or violent means.

PostHeaderIcon Governor Oscar Moreno and His advocacy for god governance ( Part I)

Bangon Kagay-an had a close encounter with Governor Oscar S. Moreno yesterday, 7:00 to 11:30 P.M., April 3, 2012 at Steve’s Chicken Barbeque. The objective of the meeting was to find out the governor’s stand on issues related to our advocacy for Good Governance and here are portions of his SPONTANEOUS ANSWERS in summary:

a) VISION: CDO is envisioned to be a a progressive community of peace-loving and law-abiding people, a city that will promote and provide unlimited opportunities for people to grow, under an atmosphere of equality, where rewards and recognition are based on merits;

b) ECONOMIC Agenda – Level playing field, no favoritism. Where everything is transparent and predictable. Decongest the city, bring the city out from the center. The old Lumbia Airport will be the site of the future Ortigas or Ayala Ave., west CDO from Opol to the Laguindingan will be a growth area. New roads connecting CDO to Bukidnon and elsewhere;

c) MINING and ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERNS – Provide people with alternative means to earn their living. LANTAD Model implemented in Mis. Or. can be done in those mining barangays like Tumpagon, Tuburan, Dansolihon etc… Develop these remote communities, improve basic social infrastructures including farm to market roads.

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