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PostHeaderIcon Governor Oscar Moreno and his advocacy for good governance

h) VAGRANCY and DRINKING IN THE STREETS – As in Rodelsa Circle – a big No. Drinking of liquor should be in the proper places;

i) EDUCATION – CDO should have a CITY UNIVERSITY of its own, just like Makati, Pasig, Mandaluyong and elsewhere. This can be done.;

j) HEALTH – Misamis Oriental has 7 (8??? limot ko) district hospital and one state of the art Medical Center. The least CDO should have is a tertiary hosp. in (Borja Mem. Hosp). CDO should have a state of the art CITY MEDICAL CENTER of its own. It can be done.

k) OTHER CONCERNS: a) Invite local talents abroad and elsewhere to come back to CDO to use their God-given skills, talents and knowledge to rebuild CDO; b) The governor upholds the democratic processes. Even the Provincial Board of Mis. Or. is not dominated by his partymates; c) Land grabbing and squatting should be addressed through legal remedies and due process, and never by resorting to extra-judicial or violent means.

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