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We all know how precious gold bullion is. It is becoming one of the most sought investment specially in the uncertainty of economy. This is the reason why lot of people want to spend in this kind of investment. People easily attracted to Gold.Iit takes a lot of knowledge in order to be in this kind of business so as not to be scammed . I know a close friend who has been tricked and lost a considerable amount of money due to the lure of some unscrupulous individuals. I really wondered why it happened considering the wit and intelligence of my friend.

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Our friend told us one night that he’s with a group of miners doing gold hunting in one of the mountainous areas of Davao Province . It’s an 8-hour drive from our where we live and that place is so popular due to gold finds many years ago. I wonder if their group are using high-tech gadgets or just one of those old-fashioned shovels and pick mining system. I’m a bit worried on his business venture since I have friends too who are into this and they all failed. But I think it would be different if my friend will use a metal detectors garrett from the U.S. This would make their treasure hunting easier and maybe they will hit a jackpot!

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