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PostHeaderIcon What do you want this Christmas?

Televisions are must-have item in every household. Thanks to innovations in television technology our family movie date day which was costly is now done under our roof. Before we are spending much for constantly going to movie house, but now we can comfortably seat at our couch, watch our favorite show on our 32 ” LED TV with our home theater. Now we are planning to upgrade or entertainment room with a bigger LED TV with the latest flat panel stands available in the market. I hope some of our appliances center will offer a bigger Christmas Discounts on these items. How about you? What do you want to give your family this Christmas?

PostHeaderIcon Going back to square one after Typhoon Sendong

A dear family friend of ours gave us a flat T.V. after we just transferred from our house which was partially destroyed by flood last year. We transferred to our ancestral home and have to buy new things like cabinets, chairs, beds and a new computer for the kids. Honestly, it’s going back to square one as we have to buy again new appliances and furniture we lost during that tragedy. All the things we had for the past 16 years were destroyed.

But we are still thankful for God’s gift of life to all of us. We just look forward to having our dream house (we sighted a better location) and be able to buy the things we need. Part of my work in the ministry is to teach worship and we considered to buy an audio rack for all my music compilations. This would also be a wonderful gift to my family since we all like music!

PostHeaderIcon My New D600 Canon Camera

I chatted with my sister today and was surprised to hear that she already bought the D600 Canon Camera that I wished for this coming Christmas. Actually it was just a joke when I told her I wanted a DSLR camera with higher specification. I never thought she would take it seriously. My sister who works as a Physical Therapist in the U.S. is a giver. Just last month, we received a surprise package from her. I thought it was the package intended for Christmas, but she said, it was supposedly a mid-year gift but it was sent late.

My sister is such a giver that is why God bless her more also. Lately, she bought a new Forerunner vehicle complete with gps online. Whew! I saw the pictures and it’s hot! You deserved it sis! For your hard labor, it’s time to reward yourself!

By the way, I  will be launching my Tech Blog soon. Watch for it!


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