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PostHeaderIcon It’s FUN to RUN in KAGAY-AN FESTIVAL!

As I have posted two weeks ago, joining RUN RUN is addicting. Now I am aiming high with a 14K run this Sunday for the RUN AGAINST STROKE and this August 19 for the City Fiesta run.

Join Me ! Let’s run together!

PostHeaderIcon RUN against Stroke

I agree  to my wife’s accusation that I am getting crazy  joining Fun Run. On August 12 (Sunday) , I will be joining again another Fun Run organized  by the Stroke Society of the Philippines, AKBAY  Stroke Team and  Acute Stroke Unit.
Do you wish to run with me? Register now at  Bagong Lipunan Outlets.

PostHeaderIcon I want to beat my time on tomorrow’s RUN FOR JUSTICE!

I will be running again tomorrow for the ‘RUN FOR JUSTICE”  of the Procesutor’s League of the Philippines. Above was my latest time during the 5K run I  joined last June.
Tomorrow 10K run would be a faster one, I know i can get it  lest than an hour..maybe between 40-50 minutes.


THE Prosecutor’s League of the Philippines (PLP) is set to hold an open fun run dubbed “Run for Justice” this coming July 29 in Cagayan de Oro City.According to the organizers, proceeds of the activity will go to the Medical Assistance Program of PLP for the benefit of the prosecutors in the country.

WANT TO RUN WITH ME? There will be three categories — 3K, 5K and 10K. Registration now at the Hall of Justice lobby, this city and at the North Concourse Limketkai Center.

PostHeaderIcon Freedom Run , Limketkai Center, Cagayan de OroCity

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