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PostHeaderIcon Kagay-an Festival Fun Run 2013

I’ve been joining FUN RUNS in the city for more than a year already  and I find it enjoyable and very beneficial to my health.  The kagay-an Festival is one event that I looked forward  not only because  it’s one of the biggest fun run in the city but because  of its trendy  jersey.  Below is this year’s jersey I snapped at Centrio Ayala Mall. I am so sad  that I can not join the event. I wanted to but I can’t ( I’ll make a separate post why…No! It’s not about the recent bombing in our city… it’s a long story…  )

fun run3fun run

PostHeaderIcon Running 21k on Freedom Fun Run

The Fun Run last June 15 marked my first year in joining fun run in the City. My first fun run a year ago was an awkward one. Coming from our family vacation and  without much preparation, I joined the Freedom Run on June 17,2012  . Guess what ? I finished the race so late… How about the latest Freedom Fun Run ? I’m proud to say that I was among those who reached the finish line earlier.


IMG_8974 IMG_8987



PostHeaderIcon Running again for FREEDOM !

Yes,  I am excited to run again this Sunday not only because I have missed the two fun run which I already was registered but mainly because this run marks my 1st year anniversary in joining Fun Run. It was Freedom Run when I first  got my jersey and timing chip. My first run was  funny ( got to write a separate post about it..LOL).

Anyway here’s the Race Categories and Registration fees are as follows :

3 k = P 300 with Jersey and rece bib

5 k = P 599 with Jersey and race bib

21 k = P 700 with Jersey, race bib, timing chip and medal


PostHeaderIcon ABS-CBN Kapamilya Run 2013


I did  not realized that joining FUN RUN is addicting. From the first time I joined a fun run last year until this moment, I never missed a fun run organized in the city except on  Sundays where I have a very important appointment  to attend or when  I was not feeling well.  So now, I am joining the KAPAMILYA RUN this coming April 7,2013.  I just hope  CDeO will have a good weather this day!

Want to join us? Register now!

PostHeaderIcon Roll about scooter for rent

My mom’s left foot was swollen for 5 days. We suspected an onset of allergy caused by food. My mom who’s 77 years old has a list of certain medicines and food which may cause allergy to her body. Because of her work as a school director in a Korean International school, my mom would walk up and down in their 4-storey building and suffers the pain of her swollen feet. We planned to buy her a roll about scooter so she could easily travel from one place to another . My sister told me that their are some  for rent  at rehabilitation  centers. I hope I could get one the earliest time possible. Any recommendation?

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