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PostHeaderIcon Happy International Woman’s Day 2012


In this modern time, women in every part of the world are still being marginalized when it comes to wages, especially in the corporate world, compared to their men counterpart, and sad to say, still today in the 21st century our women who are engaged in prostitution are more vulnerable to abuses.

The challenge: Will legalizing prostitution beneficial to our women who happen to be drawn to this profession due to extreme poverty? What should the local government of Cagayan de Oro City  do in order to protect these women whose numbers are steadily growing in our streets day after day?

A thought from my FB Group :   Duane  Zambas



Tough Times Never Last, But Tough Kagay-anons Do.
Bangon Kagay-an is a solution-oriented facebook group of Kagay-anons based worldwide whose main objective is to draw inspiration from each other, to pick up the pieces from the destruction caused by the aftermath of Typhoon Sendong; to rebuild our city inside and out and be involved in shaping the city’s future.

Want to join this group? Comment here with your  FB account to be added to the group.

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