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PostHeaderIcon Adjust your eating with how much your body burn you calories

I had an enjoyable Christmas holiday last year. Aside from family trips and bonding time together, I have attended Two school reunions and more than Ten functions from different organizations . The result ? A stomach isn’t that flat like it was before because I have eaten well too!

I am sure lots of people have the same loosing weight challenge as me . There is no need to worry, it is actually quite easy to get back into shape and get stomach into way it was before your holidays.When I say it is easy to get to that shape before, I don’t mean it is as easy as getting out of shape.

After holidays, go through what you where eating and make it more healthier. Changing diet and getting back fit through eating correctly is much more easier, than burning excess fat gathered through eating unhealthy foods. Choose foods with less cholesterol just like the underberg products my sister sent me from the United States. I love their natural herbal digestive .

Easiest way to keep your body weight steady is to find out how much your body burns calories in a day and then adjust your eating according to it. Exercising is the other relatively easy way to get your body fit. A half an hour to hour walk once a day will burn out your excess fat in few weeks.

PostHeaderIcon Freedom Fun Run Ranking/Result

freedom fun runfun run result

Who would not be happy to be on the 171st among 1000 runners ? My regular jogs in runs pad off! I wish all the fun run will have timing chips so that we all can monitor our progress.

PostHeaderIcon ABS-CBN Kapamilya Run 2013


I did  not realized that joining FUN RUN is addicting. From the first time I joined a fun run last year until this moment, I never missed a fun run organized in the city except on  Sundays where I have a very important appointment  to attend or when  I was not feeling well.  So now, I am joining the KAPAMILYA RUN this coming April 7,2013.  I just hope  CDeO will have a good weather this day!

Want to join us? Register now!

PostHeaderIcon Join the Run for Humanity!


The huge success of the 2011 Million Volunteer run has inspired PRC to do it again on February 10, 2013 simultaneously nationwide, in an effort to create greater awareness for the PRC volunteer movement in light of emerging disasters that are becoming bigger and bolder, posing a greater humanitarian challenge to Philippine Red Cross.

Registration fees for the Run as approved by the Board, shall be as follows:

Students (Elementary to College only) – P100.00 per runner
Workers (factory, office, school and others)- P200.00 per runner
Businessmen (owners, company officers) – P500.00 per runner

Visit or call Philippine Red Cross Misamis Oriental-Cagayan de Oro Chapter, Capitol Compound, Cagayan de Oro City
Telephone No.: (088)8568855 or (088)8566647


PostHeaderIcon Who’s running for the EAGLES RUN?

Me! I am running 21 K on Sunday’s Fun Run!

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