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PostHeaderIcon Supervising Construction works

At the height of the construction of our Church building, our contractor ordered setup studs as part of the materials needed. I couldn’t quite understand what it was until I saw them doing the welding jobs. I’m not so familiar with many construction materials but I would love to know their uses and increase my knowledge in construction works. I and my wife supervised the construction works representing the administration office of the church. After a year, we saw the monument of God’s faithfulness and the legacy we could hand down to our children and their children’s children. Today, after 10 years, the church building remains a reminder of God’s hand guiding us and leading us through all these years. Great is His faithfulness indeed.

PostHeaderIcon College Course for my son

Our son is now on his 3rd year in high school. He’s beginning to think and plan on what course he would get in college. We considered Law for him but he’s more comfortable with courses that deal with numbers. He got very good grades in his math subjects and he is considering an Engineering course or accountancy.

His church friend who’s in college now encouraged him to enroll on accountancy and assured him that cpa network would be a great help for him in the future. We don’t want to dictate our son’s choice. We want him to get a college degree that he loves. In that way he would excel in that course too.

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