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PostHeaderIcon Planning to study online

Learning is a never ending process. I remembered a saying that goes “ If you do not feel a little bit ignorant everyday, you stop learning” that is why I desired to enrol with Accredited online colleges  here  in our city . Conventional way of learning is good but I find online courses very comfortable considering my load of schedule at work and in the family. My mother graduated her doctoral degree online and it worked good for her and her job. If given the chance to do it, why not? I’m considering Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering or Business Administration. That of course will be challe

PostHeaderIcon I lost my focus after Typhoon Sendong hit our city

This is  not only because we were directly hit my the killer flash flood but also because I was busy as volunteer  of an organization  giving relief goods  to flood victims.

Time flew so fast and I almost forget that  next month will be  our annual CONCERT AND SYMPOSIUM  dubbed as ‘ TRUE LOVE WAITS”. Thanks to my core group who reminded me for the planning  of the event.

. We met last Saturday and was able to come with a concept ( Love on Trial). I hope our sound system and musical instruments will be ready for the big event.Got to browse art usb dual tube pre review . We need this gadget as soon as possible .

PostHeaderIcon Is XU the best University in CDO?

“There is only two Universities in Cagayan de Oro City, Xavier University and Others!”

I saw a student wearing T-shirt with this print and I can’t help but smile with the insinuating message.. that all other Universities and Colleges in the City are second class and that Xavier University or Ateneo de Cagayan surpass them all. So what happen to Liceo de Cagayan University , the Cagayan Capitol University and Mindanao University of Science and Technology?

Now you can get information technology degrees online, along with every other imaginable degree. Where’s a t-shirt for Guide to Online Schools?

Just a thought guys….

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