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PostHeaderIcon To Davao City

Wow! Twas our first family trip by land and we spent it flawlessly. A five- hour land trip to Davao via the Bukidnon route. The kids enjoyed that trip as we were celebrating my birthday. We spent a day in a summer resort and enjoyed the wave pool! I love it! The next day, we went to a Nature’s park. The kids were shocked seeing a 20-foot crocodile named Pangil (Jaws). We are looking forward to the next trip with the kids. Thank You Lord for giving us the time to enjoy!


PostHeaderIcon Happy Birthday to me

Today, May 2 is my birthday   and I celebrated it with my family  with a three-day vacation to  Davao City. It was our first time  long travel with our new SUV. It was such a great fun. Below are some of the photos taken at our first stop over at Emars Wavepool.


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