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PostHeaderIcon Cuba and it’s cigars

How much would it cost my sister to buy a Rocky Patel brand of cigarette from Cuba? What prompted me to think of this idea was the fact that my sister’s boyfriend who visited us a few years back gave my mom a sample of a Cuban cigar and she decided to include it in her collections of things from other countries. I knew that Cuba is famous of its cigars and I thought that giving my mom this gift will surely excite her. It would take at least more than a month for the item to arrive here in our place and it would also be just the enough time for our Christmas party where we planned to give it to my mom.

PostHeaderIcon Curtis and Co Watches for Christmas ?

I’m a big fan of watches. It may sound awkward as I’m thinking of a covetous person but I’m totally not like that. I must admit I have Nine different kinds of watches at home. I have three for daily use, two for informal occasion ( when I’m feeling young, Lol!), a sport’s watch and three for formal occasion. My sister who works in the Us gave me two expensive watches. I simply adore them and wear it on special occasions and important appointments . As a church minister, I often have to attend meetings, conferences and other church related activities with important city officials. One thing I would asked my sister this coming Christmas are one of those curtis and co watches . I hope she could give me this one has her Christmas Gift.

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