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PostHeaderIcon Big savings with used musical instrument and accessories

If you are thinking of buying a piano, guitar, bass, violin or some other instrument, you might consider buying a used musical instrument. Of course there are advantages and disadvantages of buying a used musical instrument . The major advantage, of course, is money savings. If you are patient enough and do a little research and ask lots of questions and read reviews, you can find a quality instrument at a very low price.

Personally, I have bought a lot of used musical instrument and accessories and until now they are still working. My latest purchased was a GIBSON electric guitar and a auralex bass trap. The guitar was from my brother-in-law’s friend who worked as a musician from Japan . Amazingly, I saved 70% off from a brand new unit. The bass trap was from a garage sale which I believe the seller does not know anything about the bass trap. He sold same as the price of a foot rug.

PostHeaderIcon Upgrading our musical instrument

Weniel, my son’s band mate plays the rhythm guitar for the Youth church. He plays well with much gusto and is a humble learner of his craft. You could just hear him strumming his old guitar and singing every time he has a free time. I believe an epiphone dr-100 acoustic guitar would best suit his taste as a musician.

By next year, we would be upgrading the church’s musical instruments and a brand new acoustic guitar would be part of the list. I know that the Worship Band members will really be excited about this. Well guys, just wait patiently and don’t lose heart… the best is yet to come!

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