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PostHeaderIcon Router please…

I need an internet router… right now! Lol!!

I have a paid task and it will expire 30 minutes from now. But what can I do? My hubby is using the internet for a more important task. It’s his preaching schedule tomorrow and he needs online references for his illustrations. I am now tempted to text my neighbor and asked for their wifi security code… I guess that’s more embarrassing since it’s already 10:30 in the evening. What’s the cheapest but of good quality router? Leave a comment please.

PostHeaderIcon Need a little help for my WordPress Sites

Navigating through wordpress is a little bit difficult for me. I am used to blogger that is why having a new WP blog site is difficult. I have a hard time arranging and adding widgets. Uploading images is difficult too. How about the plug-ins? Can you please help me install Anti-Spam here? My site was just only 3 days but I can see lots of spammer’s comment on my posts. Do you have any tutorial to recommend?

PostHeaderIcon Power Interruption

Expect the mall to be crowded every electric power black-out. This is the cheapest refuge when you can feel the heat of the sun right above your house ceiling because the air-conditioning system or the electric fans are not working.

From 5 am to 4 pm, we experienced this burning furnace in our home. As much as we wanted to get away from the torture of the boiling point temperature, we can not do so since my hubby was studying for his preaching tomorrow. Calling the Cagayan de Oro Electric Power Corporation… next time please do not undertake maintenance work on week-ends . You can have the luxury to make it on weekdays where we are at the office. Okey?

PostHeaderIcon Free WordPress Themes

My wife told me to customized my template just like her blogs. She already asked her blogger friend for a possible make-over of this site. I told her it’s just a waste of money since I want my site to be just simple.  So I browsed the internet for free wordpress template design. I found 3 travel templates but this one is my favorite. It’s simple  and unique. Can you refer me to  more free sites for wordpress templates? Please leave a comment.

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