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PostHeaderIcon The Golden Girl Next Year

My sister’s birthday is today and for two weeks now, we’ve been searching for the right gift for her. She’s living far away from us , a 4-hour drive from where we live and we decided to surprise her on her 49th birthday . Next year would be a different one since she would be a golden girl, her 50th year. We searched online at at Joy Jewelers and liked a piece of jewelry which would be the perfect gift for her. I have two sisters and I love them both. We are best of buddies since our childhood years. Ate Gemini, as we fondly call her is a  very protective  of me and our  youngest sibling.   She’s bubbly, musically inclined and plays the piano expertly. Very intelligent and half crazy as well ( LOL).

PostHeaderIcon Guitar : Perfect gift for my son

My son called me with excitement in his voice. He just happened to visit a Music store with his classmates. He told me to accompany him to see the musical instruments at guitar center where he asked the salesman if he could try a Gibson lead guitar. My son loves to play the guitar and he is a member of our church’s junior worship band playing the lead guitar. I promised to buy him a branded guitar if he will practice with diligence his guitar lessons and I think this would be the time to do it. My son deserves the best gift and I intend to give it to him on his 17th birthday.

PostHeaderIcon Crazy over electric guitar

My son goes crazy every time he sees a guitar. He literally fell in love with it the moment he held one three years ago. As his father, I always encouraged him to study music. We are a family of musicians. My dad loves singing, my mom play guitar, piano and ukulele, my two sisters are both pianists. My eldest sisters’ kids are into music too playing flute, piano, violin and saxophone. And here comes my son. Every time we visit a department store, he always would want both of us to drop by a music store. You can just see the excitement in his eyes seeing those different brands of guitar like Yamaha, Gretsch, Washburn and evh . Now, we are planning to surprise him with a new guitar on his birthday this May 10.

PostHeaderIcon Cowgirl boots paired with hat ang a sling bag

It’s my daughter’s birthday this April 14, but until now me and my wife can not decide yet for the perfect birthday gift for her. We want to go out from the ordinary and wanted something unique. How about the a gadget? My wife objected knowing that she’s just eleven years old and still not particular in keeping her things. I wanted a puppy but we still have our cuddly doggie “ bubbles”.

I saw cowgirl boots at awhile ago . I guess this would fit for the youth boot camp this coming May . I know she would love this for a gift specially that her closest friend had this kind of boots. I will just pair it with a hat and a sling bag.

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