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PostHeaderIcon Bangon Kagay-an : Advocacy and Politics

A political advocate such as a councilor is many times more effective than a thousand street advocates. We may shout at the top of our voices hoping that the policymakers will pick up our causes. But there is no assurance that we will succeed. We need a voice in government.

Therefore, we will take our fight against the destruction of our environment to the next level. We have come to the conclusion that this battle is too serious a matter that it can not be left to the politicians.

Bangon Kagay-an is a socio-political organization and consistent to its mandate to promote good governance, ethical leadership and to protect our environment, we will actively participate in the forthcoming political exercise. We will field at least two candidates for councilors for each of the districts.This will be a very difficult process. The illegal miners and their protectors will pour money in a special operation (special op) to ensure our defeat. They may even think of killing us. They will use political machinators, unscrupulous media operators and trolls to discredit us. But they will not prevail over an educated electorate that is firm, strong and united.

Bangon Kagay-an through its partners is capable of launching a full-scale campaign via the social media, as well as on the ground with the youth as our army of campaigners.

Social media won Obama the US Elections, Trillanes the Senate. Given the right candidates, we too can make them win. Bangon Kagay-an has the largest database / and penetration of CDO based websites, blogsites, group pages, personal accounts, fan pages of almost all types from schools, clans, tribe, fraternities, barangays, communities, spiritual, social, establishments, etc. Our total potential reach of the voting ages in CDO is over 200,000 built over a period of four years by our IT specialists.

The nomination, screening and selection process begins now. A committee of elders will be formed. And the list of final nominees submitted to the general assembly for final approval.

And the last ingredient to success is YOU! Only you can make a difference.

Bangon Kagay-an will be involved in politics under the PLATFORM of ZERO CORRUPTION, a PLATFORM for the PROTECTION of the ENVIRONMENT and a PLATFORM OF GOOD GOVERNANCE and ACCOUNTABILITY.

(Article Credit to Bangon Kagay-an Group)

PostHeaderIcon Join CDO’s walk for your Health and the Environment.

Join BANGON KAGAY-AN SUNDAY WALKERS’ CLUB. Come with your family or in groups if you wish. Every Sunday, Rodelsa Circle, Zealep Complex. 5:00 to 5:30 A.M, Calisthenics, 5:31 to 6:30 Brisk Walking. 6:31 A.M. Breakfast at Maxi’s (optional) KKB. You can bring your pets for a walk. No Registration. Just be there. For more details, please get in touch with Project Chairman: Oscar Sebastian Caiña Pls. repost / share. Thank you. To join Bangon Kagay-an, click this link.

PostHeaderIcon Bangon Kagay-an : The biggest facebook group in CDO

Congratulations to everyone! Bangon Kagay-an is now the biggest Facebook group in Cagayan de Oro City in terms of membership !

You want to join? Leave your FB account here , I will add you  .
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