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PostHeaderIcon Postcard making!

It’s summertime here in our place and the kids are looking for some adventures. Not just the idea of going to different local tourist attractions but they’re itching to do new things. We’re thinking of letting them design postcards for our church activities this summer. We have our Family Camp, Youth Boot Camp, Summer Sports’ Camp and they surely can be of great help.Thye already have lots of idea for the post card and one of them is all about  Cagayan de Oro City.

We noticed their excitement as they looked for any cheap postcard printing available so they could produce as many postcards as they want and sell it very cheap. This will also let them help with the fund raising for the Youth boot camp.

PostHeaderIcon Personal Creation for my love’s birthday !

Gifts for special occasions, anniversaries, birthdays…etc. It would sometimes bring worries especially if you know that you don’t have the time to buy want you want to give because of busyness and not enough time to squeeze your schedules. I myself would be in a dilemma when my dear wife’s birthday is fast approaching. A month or so, I would plan what to give and in between get confused as what I really need to buy for her.

A friend told me about Personal Creations and how I could give something to my wife that is both personal and intimate. Her birthday is on July 22 and I think I have to choose a gift for her that would express my love and devotion to our relationship and a gift that she would cherish her whole life.

PostHeaderIcon Birthday Greetings!

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