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There is always hope for those who never gives up on hope. What happened to us as a family and the ordeal we went through after my dad spent a year in the hospital and we nearly went bankrupt made us more determined to never give up and trust God totally to see us through. From the rubbish of financial crunch, our family was able to slowly stand up and gain financial confidence as we engaged back to our furniture business. With friends and relatives helping us, our family’s financial capability went stable. But it was a learning time for all of us. We can never fully trust financial stability only to survive in this life. We must be strong in our faith to God and His promises to us.

Looking back at the time of great financial need of our family, how fortunate are the people today to have financial advisers and lawyers taking care and helping them manage their debts. Back then, my mom only relied on guts and risky decision to sell our properties to pay for the mounting hospital bills of my dad. My sister who’s working in northern California, USA was affected with the recent financial crisis that nation went through. The Northern California bankruptcy attorneys really did a great job in assisting her with managing and elimination all her debts. She’s so thankful that in time of financial crunch, she could rely on professional men to assist and help her to be debt free.

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