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In addition to shedding the excess pounds , replacing old household appliances or getting rid of unwanted clothes, many decide to start the New Year by buying a new car. Proof to this are the inquiries from people who wanted to buy our Crosswind Sportivo. Out of fun, I posted our newly bought SUV in one of the famous online used car dealership and after 4 hours, I started to receive inquiries through text messages.

I already deleted my entry from the site. I’ve learned that the re-sale value of our ride is still high and that more and more people wanted to have a new ride for the new year. Maybe after a year or two, I would post again our SUV on the site. In the meantime, I will just accessorize it with a GPS, a new DVD player and hand wheels. From, I saw trendy handwheels at discounted prices. Surely, these dished hand wheels would add attraction to the buyers someday.

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