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In the early 90’s when I was still an on-the-job trainee in my engineering course, I was tasked to install veener wood sheets in one of the construction sites. As much as I tried to install it perfectly the paper back wood veneers often have bubbles or crack . The result is undesirable.

Now I realized it was not my fault, it was how the veneer was made. The paper back interacted with the glue or adhesive made the bubbles. Thanks to modern technology, new flexible sheet veneers, with wood-on-wood back, and the unique “bubble-free” back came onto the market. While most flexible wood veneers at that time had been less than 10 millimetres in thickness, the new sheet veneers were as thick as 22 mil.

Why I am blogging you about this wood sheets ? It’s because, I am on the process of looking for veneer wood sheets for a house improvement design I am making right now.

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