PostHeaderIcon Lowest Seat Sale at P1 Cdo- Manila

When it comes to hunting for Airline Promos and Seal Sale, my wife is an expert. Early today, she  called me that one of the major airline in our country offered an  advance Christmas gift  for December 20122 to January 1,2012 travel.  She suggested that we will spent our Christmas at my sister’s place in Metro Manila.  I called my mom immediately to relay our plan but she objected considering that her work does not  allow longer leave from work during Christmas.  We are only three in the family  ( our youngest now living in California )… I can not afford to  leave my mom alone during Christmas. Also December 25 falls on a Sunday and I couldn’t be absent from our church on that day because it’s our Christmas Party !

For those who wanted to  grab a seat… visit Promo is just for today, June 27,2011.

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